About ShopDental


ShopDental was designed by dentist and practice owner Nicky Francis who wanted to take the frustration out of making dental supply purchases.

We take the hassle out of ordering from multiple dental suppliers and do it for you! Simply choose what you want using ShopDental’s easy-to-use directory and we’ll place the order with your chosen supplier/s! Our pain-free ordering systems saves time, money and stress.

We list over 5000 dental products from 18 different suppliers, with more being added all the time. You can shop by price or by preferred supplier or brand. You can also compare prices of products at just a glance.



Some other benefits of Shopdental:

Order Directly From One Site

You don’t need to do each order by supplier – just add the products you want to your ShopDental cart, in any order, and your order will reach them. This saves serious time compared to your existing ordering systems.

No Additional Charges

We don’t clip the ticket! You are shopping directly with your suppliers – there are no additional charges or hidden costs added by ShopDental. If you receive price discounts from your suppliers these will be applied to your supplier invoices as usual.

Multiple Dental Suppliers

Each dental category contains products from numerous dental suppliers (over 18 of them). You can search as specifically as you want, plus it’s easy to do instant price comparisons between products.


All your orders in one place iconAll Your Orders In One Place For Easy Reference

Previous orders are all stored on the site, making it easy to refer to past orders in just the one place.

Same Payment Plans As You Currently Have

Nothing changes with payments: you pay your suppliers exactly as you have always done. The suppliers will send a statement at the end of the month and you’ll pay them as per your prior arrangements with them.

Suppliers’ Rewards and Discounts Programmes

Reward programmes remain exactly the same as you previously have set up.